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#MichiganStillSucks (REALLY BAD)



Ann Arbor, Michigan - no surprise after yet another disappointing season from the now former head coach Brady Hoke it leaves us all with the question. What is next for that team north of the boarder?  Michigan has been unsuccessful in the Big 10 since the Lloyd Carr era. ended.  DON'T get me wrong Ohio State can beat up on them for the rest of my life and You'll never hear me complain, but Michigan has gone for a combined 46 - 42 overall since Carr left.  They haven't won the Big 10 since 2002 and have been held without a national championship trophy since 1997. You have to look up Bump Elliott (1959–1968) to relate to the struggles Michigan has going on right now.  

The only way Michigan recovers from this is by recruiting a high profile coach like Les Miles or Jim Harbaugh. Brady Hoke left four of the strongest recruiting classes in the FBS go to shame. They need a coach who can coach.... and bring back the recruits because right now Michigan is the LAST place any player wants to be.  

I know we'll never have the game of century again, but it would be nice if the team up north could at least find a competitive edge again..... 

Game of the Century (in 2006)
Ohio State7217742
DateNovember 18, 2006
StadiumOhio Stadium
LocationColumbus, Ohio

Since 2010 Ohio State is 7 - 3 against the team up north losing only in 2000, 2006, and 2011 ( Brady Hoke's only win against the Buckeyes ).  The Buckeyes are also 14 - 7 if you go back 20 years..... AGAIN I am not complaining..... 


It will always be a GREAT rival, but Michigan needs to get better for the sake of the Big 10.  





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